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Would You Like to Add Leather Sewing to Your Skillset?

Leather sewing is a great skill that can be used for a variety of projects. It’s also easy! We know you want to make something beautiful that will last for years or even decades. That’s why we provide all of the basic details you need to start your leather project today! Whether it’s a wallet, purse, or belt – we have everything you need to craft something special that reflects your personal style. Let's get started!

You don't need much experience with sewing in order to make something beautiful with leather - all it takes is patience and practice (and maybe some new tools). Once you've gotten your feet wet by making something small like our Cambridge handbag tutorial, try tackling one of these larger upcoming projects with Click and Craft. And if there's anything else that confuses or intimidates you about working with leather, feel free to ask us in the comments section below! We're here for ya'.
The best part about learning how to sew leather is that once you know what stitches look good together and which ones are strong enough for your project, there really aren't any rules when it comes down to design - so let your creativity run wild! The possibilities are endless...we hope our leather sewing tips help inspire your next DIY project.

Things to note before getting started with sewing leather

Leather sewing requires some knowledge and skills to complete it, but it can be very rewarding. There are many different leather projects that can be completed with this skill set.

  • Know your tools: Leather sewing requires specific tools for the project you are working on. The most important tool is a needle and thread, which you will need to use to sew the leather pieces together. Other tools you may need include scissors, a thimble, and a cutting mat.
  • Know your materials: You will need leather pieces in order to sew them together into one piece of clothing or other project you are working on. You will also need needles of varying sizes depending on what size hole you want the needle to create in the material

Here are 5 tips you need to know before getting started!


  • When you sew your seams with a regular needle, it can lead to pulling the fabric and creating a wavy seam. Use a leather needle instead in order to keep your seams looking neat and flat
  • Use a heavy-duty needle with a special tip that is designed to easily pierce leather
  • Make sure to use the right needle for different thicknesses of fabric. Sewing through thick areas can break needles suddenly, so it’s a good idea to have extras on hand before you start!
  • Feel free to contact us through the live chat widget on the bottom right of your screen to get recommendations where to buy them


  • NEVER use a pin in leather, it will leave a hole
  • To avoid sewing pieces together, try using tape to attach them together
  • If you are looking for double-sided tape, we recommend that you get the type that comes on rolls like on the image
  • Apply a line of tape along the edge of your leather, with the tape on top, within what will be your seam allowance
  • Sew your seam, then join the two layers with tape. Place it inside the seam allowance and it will stay there without you needing to remove it
  • There is a misconception that leather construction is always done with stitches or glue. But if you could look inside the seams of commercially available products, you might find them stitched together and glued


  • Don't use cotton thread when sewing leather. The tannins in the leather will eat away at it, weakening your thread
  • Generally people use polyester or nylon as an alternative
  • You may want to use heavy-duty top-stitching thread in order to prevent the fabric from tearing
  • It’s not necessary to use heavier thread, but it does make leather look nicer

Change your Stitch Length

  • For leather, sew with a long stitch. Use about a 3.5 stitch length
  • You can use a long length of stitches, but not too long. They shouldn’t be longer than basting stitches

Use Sharp Scissors

  • When crafting with leather, use a very sharp pair of scissors
  • This will help you get the perfect cuts and will further lead to cleaner results

Getting Started With Our Leather Sewing Kits

It is just that simple! No sewing machine needed for your creation, follow your own pace with our tutorial to assist. Why don't you go on a leather adventure now or give the gift of the best leather adventures ever?

You will learn the basic stitches for great finishing, hand sewing techniques, use of the correct tools and purposes. You might discover a new hobby and the value of handmade products!

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