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Our partnership with local communities is the result of interviews with school & hospital staff and individuals who have family members in retirement homes

Our events aim to make an impact on everyone's experience through fun paint classes but also learn different levels of achievement with our “creative practitioners”. Painting is not easy so with a little bit of patience, practice and helpful advice, we can help you to gain knowledge. These partnerships come about through exciting two-way exchanges of knowledge, experience and skills.
Whilst there are challenges to overcome, getting involved in work that is of benefit to local communities is often stimulating and rewarding. For many school & home retirement staff, we believe it is a welcome complement to their day-to-day.


We understand that one of the principal reasons for individuals to enter a nursing home is due to disability when it comes to performing the activities of daily living. We believe this shouldn’t be a barrier to keep a creative mind but also combat loneliness happening sometimes too often

If you have a loved one in care who is battling dementia, painting can be a way to maintain a dialogue with them even when they aren’t able to express themselves in words.
Art therapy is often used by individuals with dementia and other mental impairments as a way to visualize their feelings, which can give loved ones an opportunity to feel more connected to them 


Based on the level and also the age range of the children, different concepts and techniques, composition design, forms, shapes, lines, angles, etc. are taught in these painting classes. The ultimate goal of these painting classes is developing students’ creativity, and they can showcase their creativity through the hands-on activities they do in painting.

Our inspired artists provide the students with feedback during their painting and after finishing the artwork. To encourage children’s creativity and motivation, the best painting of every student will be showcased on our
social media channels and gift vouchers will be rewarded 


Our goal is to create a sustainable partnership to enhance the experience, offer activities & events to stay creative and most importantly have fun! If you think, there is a need of that in your environment, go ahead by filling the form